Sunday, May 9, 2010

Target Test and Fun Shoot May 8th, 2010

May 8th fun shoot
by Wacky Wayne Burns

The weather could not have been better. Very light wind, partly cloudy, and 65 to 70 degrees. We started late, around 2:00pm, so the sun was in our eyes for the second half of the match.

Only four of us shooting today. Ronnie Easton came up from the Sacramento area. Locals, Ed Markey and our newest, youngest shooter Justin, and the oldest shooter, me.

Ed brought his HW50 .177 cal springer and Justin shot my AAS400. They shot in Hunter class, but only had time for about half the course, both were hitting about half their shots while they figured out the hold over.

Ronnie was shooting his 12fpe EV2 & I shot with my 19fpe USFT#6. We shot one shot per target, and most lanes had 3 targets for a 48 shot course.

We had a really close match. We started out on the standing lanes, where I had a 3/4" @ 16yds, & 1-1/2" at 19yds. I missed them both! Ronnie made them both! But then I cleaned the next four lanes and Ronnie missed two in those same lanes, so we were tied. We had problems with a couple targets, but we fixed them as we shot the course. It was really close, as we both were cleaning most of the lanes. Then we came to the 3/8" KZs and we each missed one and made one. Tied again at 42/48 each.

So, we stayed on that lane and shot the 3/8" kill zones again. Ronnie made one and missed one. I got lucky and dropped them both this time.

What a great day of shooting. Ronnie and I had a great time and I feel the targets are getting closer to being ready for the big match at the end of the month.

Wacky Wayne,
Match Director,
Ashland Air Rifle Range

Monday, May 3, 2010

Field Target Fun Shoot - May 2nd

Mark and Bob were already sighting in and testing the targets with Mark’s 10 meter rifle to see if they will fall with an 8.4 JSB launched at 566 fps., when I arrived from my Sunday morning visit with my Mom. The testing was going well, all but a few, (and we’re not sure if it was a split or if the target needs adjusting, I’ll check them.), Mark was having to deal with about 9” of drop on the 50 yard targets, and a mild to moderate wind, but he was knocking down the targets with about 50% of his shots, (sometimes he actually missed the kill zoneJ). But, we now know, I can even have the 50 yard + targets set to fall with 10 meter guns, and stand with face hits from 20fpe guns.

Kathy had done a pretty good job clearing the lanes of weeds & tall grass for us the night before. I had asked her to leave narrow lanes through the tall grass and a little here and there for us to shoot through as a test. That test had mixed results. The tall thin grass could be shot through and make a target fall even with the 10 meter gun at 50 yards, if it was only a couple blades. But the real tough round stems, with the seed heads diverted my 10.5 grain shot at 19.5fpe 3” right on a 20 yard shot. We ended up trimming all of those types, but leaving a few thin blades on some targets to challenge the focus and distract the shooter.

Since it was late, we just started on the 18 lanes of mostly 3 targets and took one shot per target, tall grass and all, trimming grass as we learned the tolerance of the pellets to cut through it. So, our scores would have been a little better, especially Marks, if we had trimmed completely before our match. This course is pretty tough, I have to do a Troyer scale average, but I've got 4 targets - 3/8" @ 14-20 yards, two standing lanes with a 3/4" @ 16 and 1-1/4" at 30 and a 1" at 17 yards. And some 1" to 1-1/4" at 50 + yards. But there are also many 1-1/2" at 25 to 55 yards. Seems like the way I have it now, it's med/hard Troyer.

Mark and Bob go back a long ways, I learned. They have shot firearms together for a very long time. It showed in how fast they are picking up air gun matches. Bob continued his improvements this week, shooting his .22 cal Marauder with custom FT stock.Wacky Wayne and Mrs Wacky (Christine)

Bob created a great knee stand from parts he got at Radio shack for a cell phone car mount, and a simple pad attachment. After I cleared away the grass for a couple of his shotsJ, (that's the best excuse I can come up with:-). He ended up finally beating me (36/49 by two points with a 38/49. I have to step up my game, and next week I'll be ready, I hope:-)

Wacky Wayne,

Match Director,

Ashland Air Rifle Range